Thursday, February 10, 2011

Make Work: Seventh Installment 'Snow (again) and red cedar'

Today, it snowed again. But this is the snow that I am used to in Chattanooga. It snows in the night, you wake up to about 1/2 inch and it is melted by the morning. Kids still get off from school...... I know.

Today we worked with red cedar, that stuff is outright smelly, in a good way. It smells like a gerbal cage in the shop. The fine dust it makes is hard on the nose too though. We were making some front gates for one of those 'Extreme Home Makeovers', we did s 4 day job in a day and a half. So, I am glad to see those go out the door.

All of this would not be possible if not for three major factors:
1.) My lead carpenter donating his time (thanks Brian)
2.) Having the right tools (thanks MakeWork)
3.) Having the wood (thanks Cline Lumber)

This project was not fun, though I kind of thrive on tight deadlines. The gates look great and hopefully will be a good addition to the project.

I don't have a TV so I will have to catch the reveal online.....

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