Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Make Work: second installment. 'Design is everywhere'

Design is everywhere. Everything is designed. I have given this a lot of thought lately and it seems a little invasive how everything is designed. Not only are things designed, but they are designed around us. Imagine, for a moment, that everyone had only one leg. Everyone. We were all born with one leg. How would that change most design around us? Pants, cars, bicycles, beds, toilets, seats, furniture, stairways..... you get my point. The point of that is to show how all things are designed; humans, government, houses, cups, sheets, condoms, pictures, electronics, sunglasses...... This point is to show how all things are started with a design. A design must be initiated by a designer. Now to my final point, designers start it all. God was and is a designer. Michelangelo was a designer, Hitler was a designer, Warhol, Wright, Ford, Shakespeare, Napoleon; all designers. They designed something around an idea, whether good or bad. All things are designed, designers start it all.

Now on to a few tangibles;

Make Work has changed my shop. Since being confirmed to receive a portion of the grant, I have settled with a fine slew of tools. These tools have improved the speed of the shop and I have taken on larger, more complex projects. As of just today, I am installing a job that would have been only a dream with the tools I had before. Thank you Make Work, I shall praise you with pictures of my work.

Aaron Cabeen