Sunday, October 10, 2010

Make Work: Third installment 'Three jobs in'

With three jobs in, I am seeing how the new equipment in the shop has improved and pushed the limits beyond where my company once stood. Once I got all the equipment assembled and wired in, my business advisor came by and commented 'you look like a legit shop now' with a snicker look. That comment is not too far from the truth though. Before, I was using borrowed tools, using other shops (thanks guys!) and was all around pretty inefficient. Now, things have changed. I have even had the opportunity to hire on a few part-timers. Hopefully they will convert to full timers God willing! With all this to say (without pictures) I plan to get some professional pictures of three major installs that will be sure to impress.

Thanks again Makework, you have changed my shop.

Pics on the next post, promise!