Monday, April 11, 2011

Make Work: Ninth Installment "How I learned more in 8 days in High Point than I have in 2 years"

High Point has come and gone. The town is deserted and the show is just a memory. The mad dash to get out and get home is over and we are in a flurry of phone calls to get back to the norm and follow up on leads and possible new ventures. Sigh.....

I learned so much in one week at market that I had to decompress for 3 days just to remain sane. You would think that I would feel as though I have 'arrived' after being featured on the cover of a major B2B magazine, but I don't, I only feel like there is more work to do on my part. Better designs, better looking booth next market, scale of the pieces, placement of my booth, what to make, who to have make it (not China!), what to focus on...... So, these are just a few of the things that I need to consider as I propel this business onto the national and even international scene.

I have attached a couple pictures of the booth as well as a picture of the cover of the Home Accents Today post.