Thursday, March 10, 2011

Make Work: Eigth Installment "Countdown to High Point"

I got a letter in the mail the other day. If you never get a chance to do this, you really ought to try it. It was a letter from myself. It had some goals that I had written down from a while back (6 months to be exact) that I said that I wanted to have completed. I had two written down, one of them was scribbled out. But one was interesting, it said "get to high point". ???????? What? Well, I am going, and showing. This is a MASSIVE step for me, but seems oddly attainable. I will be showing my debut line called 'Northshore Hills' and will have occasional tables and occasional seating. That way, designers and retailers can just invest a little and not the farm in my work.

But the one thing about that letter that struck me was the fact that I just wrote it down and the goal was attained. That simple. I have heard people tell me that you should write all your goals down, put them in a drawer and don't look at them for a year, then pull them out and see what you have done, 90% of the time you do them.

So, what are my other goals?

What are yours?