Thursday, March 10, 2011

Make Work: Eigth Installment "Countdown to High Point"

I got a letter in the mail the other day. If you never get a chance to do this, you really ought to try it. It was a letter from myself. It had some goals that I had written down from a while back (6 months to be exact) that I said that I wanted to have completed. I had two written down, one of them was scribbled out. But one was interesting, it said "get to high point". ???????? What? Well, I am going, and showing. This is a MASSIVE step for me, but seems oddly attainable. I will be showing my debut line called 'Northshore Hills' and will have occasional tables and occasional seating. That way, designers and retailers can just invest a little and not the farm in my work.

But the one thing about that letter that struck me was the fact that I just wrote it down and the goal was attained. That simple. I have heard people tell me that you should write all your goals down, put them in a drawer and don't look at them for a year, then pull them out and see what you have done, 90% of the time you do them.

So, what are my other goals?

What are yours?

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  1. As a few year veteran of the furniture industry, and a personal 39 year woodworker, I appreciate you efforts greatly. I build guitars now, since my shop is too small to do case work. I just finished a Les Paul style made from 140 year old oak. The customer wanted it painted silver, (ugh), so I tinted the oak a nice dark pecan and put a "frosted" silver finish on it which allowed the beauty of the oak to shine through and retain the grain patterns. It would be great to talk to you sometime and share stories. Good luck in High Point. It may be the turning point where you find yourself not able to make enough furniture!
    See me at